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Lunchtime Poll: Getting Hitched

With DOMA being struck down, Pride was all abound in happy couples engaged or married. It really struck a chord with me. My partner and I woke up the day after Pride and decided to do something fun. We changed our Facebook status to married and people were like whut? Everyone thought they had missed […]


On DOMA, Prop 8, and the Voting Rights Amendment

Law and politics have always intrigued me. When I was 8, I wanted to be a lawyer and a politician. I devoured any book about politics or legal matters that I could. I loved reading about Thomas Jefferson especially. His take on American Politics in the early days was something with which I enthusiastically agreed. […]


On Fallon Fox, Robbie Rogers, Jason Collins, Queers in Sports, and Me

The last few months have been awesome for queers in sports. Starting in February with Robbie Rogers announcing he was gay and then promptly retiring from soccer, sports stories have taken a turn for the queer. Fallon Fox came out as a transwoman MMA fighter in March after being threatened with being outed. The biggest […]