This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Would Never Ban Squirting

With all the terrible things going on this week, we actually have a few spots of good news this week. Not many, but I’ll take what I can get! Plus, this week’s BAMFs are even more badass than usual, and two of them are only 7 years old. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything […]

New Show Recap

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.5, “Tyra Banks and the Deathly Moddles”

Hark! Do you hear the tinkling of the bells? It’s America’s Next Top Model time! Remember, every time a bell rings, a moddle gets her smize. Wait, maybe that was my microwave burrito buzzer. Whatever. I’ll smize at the burrito, no matter what happens with Ty Ty and friends.

Just for Fun

Insomniac Time Suckage Alert: Embrace Your Inner Rachel Zoe

We live in the most magical time ever. We live in a time where one can embed flash games in one’s blog to spread the time-sucking magic of Hollywood Style Maker, where you can pretend to be Rachel Zoe in the privacy of your living room. Play right here, after the cut. You’re welcome.