News from NDN Country: National American Indian Heritage Month & More

Today marks the beginning of National American Indian Heritage Month in the United States.


Before and Afro: I Am Not My Hair, You Are Not My Hair

Ms. Lapidos: It has come to my attention that you have started a blog, Before and Afro, in which you chronicle your endeavor of self-discovery through wearing an Afro-wig you bought for a costume party all around New York City. You describe this as:


Badass Ladies of History: Marion Wong

In 1916, 21-year-old Marion Wong wrote, directed, and produced the first film by a Chinese American and one of the first by a woman. The Curse of Quon Gwon, the story of Chinese American lovers cursed by the god of war and wealth, abandoned Hollywood stereotypes in favor of more realistic portrayals of Americans of […]


The Blacker the Netflix…

Over in some other corner of the internets, my friend Hello Kitty and I were compiling a list of Black Movies, and she encouraged me to present it here.  This is by no means a definitive list, just some movies we both like and that we feel everyone, no matter what their racial background, should see.  And not just […]

Op Ed

Tiger Mother Doesn’t Speak For Me

I groaned when I first heard about Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mother” memoir, especially after reading the excerpt in the Wall Street Journal. Internet commenters rushed to share anecdotes about Asian friends committing suicide or having mental breakdowns because of parental pressure and decided her book was a legitimate reason to support their opinion that students […]