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Come on in for some fun, feminism, and science (with a side of misandry)!


Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

This Roundup is late for a very important date. If this Roundup had been late for its period, it wouldn’t be looking for two blue lines. Oh no. This Roundup would be seeing its midwife for a dating scan. Persephoneers, this Roundup can barely bring itself to admit that it is late for a very […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 3/8/13: Favorite Color

We got a new toy for Middlemarch Madness, and I want to play with it in a lunchtime poll. 


Interrobang Katie’s Rainbow Brain

Editor’s note: Here’s our second crosspost from the Interrobangs, this time from Katie.  Click through to see a brainy, fashionable woman totally rock some gorgeous colors.