Pop Culture

10 Things That I Can’t Believe Are Actually a Thing

1. Bagel Heads. So, apparently, there are people in Asia who will pay someone to poke them in the forehead with a needle full of saline, which results in a big puffy blob on the forehead, which is then formed into the shape of a bagel, naturally. What in the holy fudge?! This offends me […]

Open Thread

Evening Open Thread

I’m starting off tonight’s Open Thread with something random, because what is an OT for if not randomness? See you all in the am! Thanks for another great Persephone Day!

We try it!

We Try It: Playing Fantasy Football

Last year a friend put the call out –who would be interested in playing in a ladies-only, no-money fantasy football league? It had never occurred to my to play Fantasy Football before, ┬ábut a good group of women all raised their virtual hands, so I joined in the fun. And to my surprise, it really […]