What We Can Really Learn from the “One Third of College Men Would Rape” Study

In a recent study at the University of North Dakota, nearly one third of the men surveyed said they would force a woman to have sex, so long as they wouldn’t face any consequences. While there are a whole lot of truly disturbing findings in that study, there are also several misconceptions that need to be […]


Reviewing “Yes Means Yes!”: Everyone Should Read This

It’s about damn time someone collected and polished the stories and manifestos of sex-positive feminists, whose blogs have been gaining traction in Internetland, but not so much in the traditional, stuffy publishing industry. The choir of voices represented in Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti’s book, subtitled Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without […]


What is Rape Culture?

We’ve had a few posts this week using this tag, and we’re getting some backlash.   Some folks get pretty testy when the concept of rape culture is brought up, and while my natural inclination is to be not nice, I’m going to try a slightly different track – education.