So You Want to Start a Book Club: Part 1

Just recently, I passed my 10 year anniversary of running one of the local library’s book clubs. I got drafted into the position accidentally; at the time, I was a library employee and the then-current leader had taken off for greener pastures. Since the director knew I enjoyed science fiction, she handed me a copy […]


5 Books with Olivia

Welcome back to 5 Books, where our writers and readers share the books they’d share with important people in their lives.  Tonight’s post features Olivia, who has really great taste in books.  (Like we expected anything else.)

We try it!

The Search for the Perfect E-book Reader

A while ago, I started to think that buying books for reading wasn’t a good idea. Those poor trees probably didn’t like me that much and books take up a lot of space. So I thought, why not buy a e-book reader? Of course, you don’t buy something without first reading a bit about it. […]

Public Service

We Heart Our Readers

Wrapping up day two of Persephone, I’m struck by several things.  1.  I have a ton of respect for people who do this for a living and 2. Our readers rock my world.   As of 4:30 this morning, when your editor started her day, Google Analytics clocked 600+ unique visitors.