Stumbling Upon Death

On days where my field work consists of plant surveys and general observations, I walk several miles across various habitats – dunes, grasslands, and steep rocky cliffs, to name a few. Those days are remarkably peaceful. That feeling might be expected given the rhythmic lapping of the ocean waves and general solitude. I get lost in […]


Hello, Old Friends: Re-reading Books

There is something so comfortable in re-reading a book. It’s like walking down a familiar road ““ you know the lay of the land, and you can take your time, unhurried by the thrill of new discovery. Still, as you meander further, small details pop out that you hadn’t noticed before.

Mental Illness

Deserving It

It’s probably been a decade since I first became aware that a year can change everything and nothing at all. At the beginning of the decade I began chronicling the changes and stabilities in my life around January 1. It was a habit, a reminder, a pros-and-cons list spanning 365 days of choices. In 2008, […]


On How My Greatest Weakness Interview Response Has Changed, Thanks To The Recession

The interview question job seekers most frequently hear (and consequently dread), “What is your greatest weakness?”, is becoming more and more difficult for me to answer. Not, of course, because I am without faults, but because I have been forced to confront my biggest faults and fears on a daily basis during the job search […]