Record Machine: Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror

When I won a giveaway from Mom+Pop Records, I’d never heard of Sleigh Bells. Mainly, I’d entered because I wanted to win the “Varsity” 7-inch by Smith Westerns, whom I’d recently stumbled upon. Other goodies from Metric and Neon Indian were also included in the package, and I will get to talking about those records […]


Notre Dame de Thermidor: Theresia Carbarrus Tallien

The fall of Robespierre had been a long time coming during the last days of La Terreur. As Robespierre grew more paranoid and began to send his closest political allies to the guillotine, it became obvious that he had to go. Everything came to a head on the fateful day of 9 Thermidor. And it […]