Envy is the Color of Money

Sure, I envy rich people. Most of us do, if we’re honest. But usually I don’t begrudge them their wealth. I can admire their accomplishments, aspire to be like them, or just enjoy the fact that if it weren’t for rich people giving parties & hiring bands, most musicians I know would be even more […]

Just for Fun

What I Watched This Weekend: Shark Tank, Game Change and Big-Ass Mansions

We’re trying a new feature this week! Each day in this time slot, one of our writers will talk about what they watched the night before. It’s like the water cooler at work, only with people you like. Because I try never to ask the writers to do something I wouldn’t be willing to try […]

New Show Recap

Recap: RHoNJ “Melee at the Manor”

A hush fell over America Monday evening as an event of great importance transpired.