You Must Risk: Casual Sex and the Heart of the Matter

Q. How can I be promiscuous without contracting anything? How do I hack this? I want to get out there and have amazing adventures with wonderful, memorable people, and I’d also have sex with those people. But I do not want to catch anything. Ideally, I’d like to give handjobs in the beginning until he […]

Pop Culture

The Hidden Podcasts

I am a sucker for podcasts. I think they might be the only way radio talk shows survive in the apocalyptic wasteland that is sure to come. Having any subject at the click of a mouse makes it so much easier than trying to surf a radio until you find the angry blowhard you want […]


Five Podcasts You Need to be Listening To

I hate listening to the radio. Hate it. Commercials, the same ten songs over and over; it’s just not for me.


Italian Seismologists Found Guilty of Manslaughter

On April 6, 2009, an earthquake occurred near L’Aquila, the capital of Italy’s Abruzzo region. Around 300 people died, with many more injured or left homeless. The earthquake destroyed the town, and its effects are still starkly visible today. On October 22nd, six scientists and a government official were sentenced to six years in prison […]

Op Ed

Sexuality Lacking Understanding and Thoughtfulness: What it Really Means to Be a SLUT

There are few four-letter words as nasty as the word “slut.” Few other words elicit such intense disdain, self-righteousness, or indignation. But what it actually means to be a slut in our culture is rife with complexities.


Tornado Warning

This has been one hell of a year for tornadoes. And if’s angry red map that resembles nothing so much as a big old blister right across the Midwest and Southeast is any indication, it’s not over yet. Thanks to recent improvements in technology, as bad as it’s been, it could have been a […]