Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 11/17/11

It’s finally Thursday, we’re getting through this work week like bosses, Persephoneers. How about a little lunchtime poll to make the afternoon go faster? 

Open Thread

Flashback Time Machine OT: 2005

It’s Monday night and another week is underway. Happy Last Day of Spring, for tomorrow kicks off the season of summer and is the longest day of the year. Tonight we’re sliding back to summer 2005.


Are We There Yet?: The 21st Century Road Trip

In 1981, my family moved from the east coast to the midwest and thus began our twice annual (some years more) tradition of the 12-hour road trip. We’d leave at o-dark-thirty and drive east on I-80 until evening. We sat in the back seat of our pea green Buick Skylark playing games like “the alphabet […]

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AwesomePhone: I’m Using the 3G HotSpot RIGHT NOW

Last week, I told you that I had taken the title “Princess Two-Phones” for the next several weeks thanks to the generosity of Verizon Wireless. As I was explaining this fun turn of events to my mom this weekend, and telling about some of the Fascinate’s neat-o features, she asked a valid question — if […]


Notes from the Road

Things that an almost 30-year-old still finds exciting on car trips: Rest Stops – On the NJ Turnpike, rest stops aren’t little cabins with bathrooms, vending machines and a few brochures. They’re more like giant mall food courts, and being on the road means the calories in that Roy Rogers cheeseburger and milkshake DON’T count.