Killing Time with Family: Netflix Instant Saves the Day

The presents are opened, the roast beast is but an afterthought, there are only two beers left in the fridge and your grandpa gives you the side-eye when you even start towards the kitchen.  Busybody Aunt Pollyanna just brought up politics and it’s about to get ugly.  What do you do?

Tuesday Night Trivia Shindig

This reminds me of writing pop quizzes, but much more random.  It’s four o’clock here in the Persephone empire, and we’re taking it easy this week while all our lady writers are traveling and planning their roast beast dinners.  We’ll be back in the morning, in the meantime have fun with the Tuesday trivia after […]

Monday Scavenge: Ultimate Scavengers’ Edition

Today’s scavenger hunt will require teams, unless you have a lot of time on your hands between now and Friday, when the entries are due.  It’s a doozy, but it should be a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.  Find out all the holiday themed gory details after the cut.

Lunchtime Poll 12/8

It’s that time again! Lunchtime poll time!  We’re officially halfway through the work week?  Who’s excited?  I can’t believe how fast this month is going.  Is anyone ready for the holidays? I am not.  Speaking of, my sister wrote on my facebook yesterday that we need to plan our Christmas day feast.  I wrote back: […]