Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Robot/Robot Like Character

Ever since I was a little kid, watching sci-fi shows, I loved robots. Look at my love given to the giant robots in Pacific Rim. Today, I marathoned the first four episodes of Almost Human. It is kind of a boring show. I mean it’s just Law and Order with robots in the future or NYPD Metal. […]


News in Haiku Love You

There’s always a little schadenfreude in the news haikus.

The Frisky Feminist

Halloween Review: Apparently Hamsters are Sexy This Year

Despite the fact that it was 108 goddamn degrees here just a few short weeks ago, time has continued its cruel, inexorable march forward, and we now find ourselves for some reason on the brink of October. And if October is known for one thing, other than open Pottermore registration, my birthday, and National Slacktivism […]

You Complete Me Internet


Internet link lists always make me happy if they have something different.  I recognize that they’re the Triskets and Easy Cheese of blog posts, but they’re also a nice way to spread the word about cool or quirky little sites alongside the workhorses we’ve all heard of.  And good morning! It’s day 9 for Persephone, […]