Friday News Bites: Flint Water Crisis, Obama Accomplishments + More

Hello, unicorns! How are we doing this week, in this world without David Bowie? Let’s catch up on some of this week’s interesting news stories…


Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for The Letter S

The Letter S is truly jumbo-sized this week. So, so many good songs start with this common letter, and even though I have a lot to talk about this week, believe me when I say that I am still holding back. We can gush in the comments instead.

Morbid Curiosity

Morbid Curiosity Thursday: Stuffed Frankfurter Casserole

Hello, my darlings. You probably didn’t know, but I slipped on a sneaky patch of ice last week and broke my arm. I’m all bolted back together now, but the question on everyone’s mind is: What sort of monstrosity will Jen create when she is stoned out of her mind on painkillers with nothing to […]

Pop Culture

Glee Whiz

I’m planning on doing a review/commentary on tonight’s episode of Glee.  I’m writing the intro before I snuggle up with the Tivo remote and my friends at McKinley High.  I’m a little nervous, tonight’s the Rocky Horror ep.  I have some great memories of RHPS, and Glee always does a pretty good job of making […]