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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Dance Like You Mean It

This week had a strong mix of analysis, fun and dancing.


News Appetizers: Now with More Reasons to Leave Work Early

Greetings, Persephoneers! It’s Friday, and perhaps you’re looking for a reason to duck out early. Maybe you have a hot date. Maybe that date is with Netflix and ice cream because you cannot EVEN with this day. News Appetizers don’t judge.


There is an Art to the Trailer

There is nothing that gets me jazzed like a good trailer. The anticipation can almost be as good as the film itself. In some cases, it’s better. In others, a lacklustre trailer promotes a far superior movie.

Pop Culture

Smart Fellows Debunk 3D

Sorry for the lame tiny post, my dad just dropped by unannounced and I totally borked hitting the deadline with a real piece.  So! Let’s turn to Roger Ebert and multiple Oscar winner for cinematography Walter Murch for an interesting take on why we’re not really designed to process 3D cinema images.