Ladyguide: How To Live Alone

With apologies to my boyfriend, there really is nothing quite like living alone. Sure, if you live with a roommate you have someone to split the bills with, and maybe (if you’re lucky) to help with the cleaning, or to kill a spider (or to look on in terror as you dispose of a baby […]


Ask STFU Jezzies – 1/27

It’s Thursday at 11 am, and you know what that means! Time to dispense with the advice.  We have a little bit of an office-theme this week, with a couple others thrown into the mix, so let’s get on it.

Op Ed

Ask STFU Jezzies 1/5

Hey everyone! It’s Ask STFU Jezzies time!  I’m ready to answer your questions about life, moral dilemmas, manners, whatever! So let’s get to today’s questions. My roommate is 21 going on 14 and decided to get kittens (a brother and sister) right after I moved in. I’m pretty sure she got them purely for the […]