Mental Illness

Caregiving: Medication

For some time now, we have been in crisis territory, although said crisis keeps trying to pretend it’s a rough patch, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. A crisis doesn’t have enough letters to be a rough patch, for a start. And a rough patch doesn’t generally bring about such medication fun-times, either.


When Gaining Weight Is Tough

I am a young, healthy, able-bodied woman. I am also a recovering bulimic and anorexic and I have control issues when it comes to my body. Editor’s note: This post may contain material which may be triggering to those with disordered eating.

The Frisky Feminist

“How Do I Start Having Sex Again?”

Q: My husband and I stopped having sex when I was going through a rough time (yeast infection + depression + recovering from trauma). I needed the break because it got to the point that I was feeling physically ill at just the thought of sex.

New Show Recap

Parenthood Recap: The Question You Don’t Want to Ask

This week  was the first night in awhile I wasn’t looking around my living room for cameras as I watched the Parenthood plots unfold. Last night’s show focused on what parents are willing to do for the children,  something I’m familiar with, but not in the ways it was presented in the show. It also […]