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Royal Wedding Live Blog!

I hope all of you have your fancy hats, tea cups, scones, and Union Jacks ready – this is going to be a good wedding! Let’s get this party started, British-style. Keep in mind I am doing this Central time, so bear with me.


Western Apathy Towards Violence Highlighted in Bahrain

It seems that if you’re King Khalifa, you just can’t go wrong these days. The strategic location of Bahrain, a country that he rules with swift and bloody efficacy, has rendered him practically immune to not only public condemnation, but international sanctions as well.


The Royal Wedding and the Benefits of Escapism

As everyone has surely heard, Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to throw themselves a wedding.  I was surprised to find myself a little excited by the prospect of a big splashy royal to-do.  I think a little escapism that doesn’t involve speculating as to which former Disney starlette is putting what up her […]