How to Not Be an Awful Host or an Evil Guest

So you’re going to be attending a lovely, intimate little dinner party/weekend sleepover on the shore/holiday smörgÃ¥sbord of events with the in-laws, or, conversely, hosting the same. While it may seem like the rules of engagement differ widely from event to event, the basic requirements of non-evilness are fairly equal across-the-board. Below you’ll find a […]


Naming Your Modern Baby

You’re about to have a child, you no doubt feel the great weight and responsibility of selecting a name for your little one. You know that even though she’ll outgrow her adorable Gymboree baby booties in about a minute, the name you saddle her with needs to fit for a lifetime. It’s alright, take a […]


Grammar is Cool: Avoiding The Mistakes You Forgot Existed

Writing well is a little bit imagination, a little bit talent and a lot of remembering how to put a sting of the correct words together in the correct order.  English is a particularly tricky language, we have exceptions to every rule, we can spell the same sound eight different ways, and we can’t agree […]