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Over the past week, there’s been quite a bit of coverage of Caitlyn Jenner, so we’ve found a few posts you can use to refute the ignorant haters. We’ve also got lots of good reads about feminism and other social justice topics, pop culture, a bit of science (with an unfortunate side of sexism), and some […]


Money Talks, but No One’s Talking About Money

“It’s tacky to talk about money.” How many times have we heard that? How often have we been discouraged from discussing financial matters with others? In some aspects, this is absolutely correct: money talk is tacky. But there’s one number that we do ourselves a disservice by not discussing: salaries.

Pop Culture

What Your Favorite (And Not So Favorite) TV Stars Make

I usually don’t like finding out how much money people make, because I either end up angry (CEO’s earn how much?!?!?) or sad (think: teacher, social worker, anyone who is really helping make a difference in the community, etc.).