Manicures 101

I paint my nails often. Some (my husband) say way too often. And yet, to see them before they are complete, you would think my 4-year-old niece had painted them.


The Science of “3 Free” Nail Polish

I love nail polish. I hoard nail polish. On bad days, just gazing at my nails fills me with a sense of happiness and calm. As a scientist who experiences a lot of failure, discombobulation, and flailing, I NEED THAT CALM.

We try it!

We Try It: Sally Hansen Nail Pen

You know what I like? Manicures. You know what I can’t justify spending money on in This Economy? Also manicures.  Well, I can’t justify getting them as often as I would like, anyway.  Enter the Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Pen.