A Persephone Mix-Tape

Anniversaries are so much fun.  I love the traditional gift schedule:  paper for one year, wood for five, etc.  Many moons ago, I started to make my own, because that’s how I roll.  I don’t remember all of it, I know I chose glitter for one year and ink for four, but the rest is […]

The Daily Goodie

The Daily Goodie: 3/21/11

It’s officially spring!  Sally J. has made a little map of the locations of all our editors and thankless interns.  Not only does that mean that I can show up unexpectedly at everyone’s house, but I can also post spring pictures to represent all of us. Fun!

Tuesday Trivia

Trivia Tuesday: Tattoo Who’s Who

It’s Tuesday Trivia Time!  Mini confession here – I have been stupid excited about tattoo mix-n-match all week long.  It’s been like waiting for my birthday.  I’m slightly disappointed that I don’t get to guess, but my disappointment is tempered my the fact that I really love knowing all the answers.  (What can I say?  […]