There are fewer and fewer of us who actually remember the first scandal with a name endeding in “gate,” thus inspiring every other controversy to adopt a similar suffix, whether somewhat comparable (“BridgeGate,” about Chris Christie and the GW Bridge closure), unwieldy (the Mark Sanford “AppalachianTrailGate” sex scandal) or downright silly (criticism of the President’s […]

Op Ed

Sorry, Anthony

Much virtual ink has been spilled this week over Anthony Weiner’s Twitter indiscretions. Pretty much every “weiner” joke in existence has been published in the past few days during “Weinergate.” (Damn you, Richard Nixon, that every political scandal should have “-gate” appended to it.) And yet for all the words written about the whole mess, […]

Just for Fun

Scavenger Mondays: Meta Edition

Some ladyblogs drive up page views with scandals, but here at Persephone, we do it with scavenger hunts.  Today we’re going to make you dig all through our archives to find the answers to the most self-referential scavenger hunt you’ll run across today.