Reader Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 14: Putting Yourself Out There

We’re going to put all our hard work on positivity into action this week with a challenge that might push many of you outside of your comfort zones. This week, I want you to put yourself out there and try something new.


Ladyguide: On Trying to Stay Safe When You May Not Be Very Safe

On Thursday of last week, I came home to find that someone had broken into my house. They came in through my bedroom window, and went through my things without taking any of the jewelry that I have carelessly displayed in full view on top of my dresser. They had, however, looked through my drawers and closet, moving […]


Screaming Willies

After all these years, I’m surprised that the police have never been called to my house. Not even the night I screamed myself hoarse. No, you didn’t accidentally click on a Frisky Feminist post, I’m talking about something completely different ““ hypnagogic hallucinations.