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Revenge Of The (Political) Nerds

Many of the most interesting and accomplished adults I know were nerds in high school, high achievers with inversely proportional social status. Revenge for us usually comes in the form of high school reunions; you know, seeing the head cheerleader who snubbed you suddenly be impressed by your business success.


Karma, Karl Rove, and Schadenfreude

The past several days have been really fun ones for women, Democrats, anyone moderately liberal, and fans of Nate Silver (see my gushing article earlier this week).

Pop Culture

What I Watched Last Night: Property Brothers

Yes, well, it should be apparent that, coming fresh on the heels of my Holmes Inspection report last week, I have a bit of an HGTV addiction. Last night I got my fix in the form of a DVR-ed episode of Property Brothers.


Even More Politicians Making Funny Faces

Everyone seems to be hot and cranky this week. I thought I’d lighten the mood with another edition of politicians making funny faces, since the last one was so popular.


Your Success Does Not Depend On The Failure Of Others

Note: TW on this post for some fat-shaming talk by others. When I was in high school, my mom, who has always been a big fan of motivational quotes and aphorisms, pasted this above a desk in our house.  At the time I rolled my eyes, but it’s been a quote that has stuck with […]

Op Ed

Sorry, Anthony

Much virtual ink has been spilled this week over Anthony Weiner’s Twitter indiscretions. Pretty much every “weiner” joke in existence has been published in the past few days during “Weinergate.” (Damn you, Richard Nixon, that every political scandal should have “-gate” appended to it.) And yet for all the words written about the whole mess, […]


Handling The Haters Hating

Last week, I had a weirdly cathartic moment watching a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. The game was at Fenway, and I noticed that each time Alex Rodriguez walked to the plate, he was greeted by a roar of tens of thousands of people booing him. I realize that a Yankee getting booed in Boston […]