Movies I’m Weirdly Obsessed With: 10 Things I Hate About You

About fifteen years ago, I discovered 10 Things I Hate About You when it hit the basic cable rotation of non-stop replays on USA. As any good stock preteen character would do, I watched it ad nauseam and became majorly obsessed with it.

Education in America


I have always been a proud supporter of public education. I started my teaching career in 1997 and I passionately believed that if we all continued to work together, we could make the world better for our children and teach them tolerance and acceptance. I believed that the best and most innovative learning environment was […]


Expat Ramblings: The Trouble with Immigrants

It’s been a busy week in the immigration debate that has been steadily gaining momentum in the UK over the last months. What started as a timidly-voiced fear of a Romanian and Bulgarian influx last year has now turned into the next big thing in electioneering. Everybody’s got something to say about immigrants, and most […]

Pop Culture

Everything I Learned (About School), I Learned From ’90s Cartoons: “Recess”

Much like Animaniacs taught me about authority and control in the classroom, Recess prepared me for some of the social sorting and clique forming that happened directly outside of the classroom.

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: School Spirit

I am going to be upfront with you: this post is completely inspired by March Madness and the recent basketball fun. We will attempt to get back to our sort of hard hitting posts in the future, but for right now, I was sort of interested in exploring connections to universities. After all, by the […]


Ask Dr. Laura vs. Ask Dr. Susan: it’s feminism that’s to blame for my kid’s bullying, right?

Once again, I’m going to be tackling some advice that Dr. Laura has given (taken from transcripts on her website), and look at it from a different, less awful perspective. If you would like some similar not-awful advice, ask me! I am all-knowing. Except when I’m not. But mostly-knowing. The question: “As a parent and a teacher […]