I’m at High Tide

A few weeks back I finally caved and bought a new turntable. Technically I had a working one, but it’s one of those ones that needs to be part of a room full of hi-fi equipment to work correctly and I haven’t hooked it up in forever. So I got a little cheap number with […]


You Don’t Need More Self Control (Independence Day Edition!)

How often do you hear or say phrases like this? “My eating is so out of control.”


Saviours, Inspirations and Our Own Self-Discovery

Two things came to my attention this weekend. First, the trailer for the upcoming movie Everything Must Go (2011):


Are You There, Style? It’s Me, Margaret.

Have you ever woken up and realized everything you thought you knew about something was just flat out wrong? Well, that was me and fashion. I’ve had other revelations, but this is the only relevant one now. Come, let me take you on a journey of self-discovery that starts with ill-fitting jeans and ends with […]