If at First You Don’t Succeed, Zombie, Zombie Again

Hi, Persephone readers! I’m a first-time poster, long-time reader who’s here to tell you the story of how I wrote a thing, I got a literary agent for thing!, thing did not sell, there was much huffing glue with fantasy creatures, and then I self-pubbed thing and lived to tell the tale. The zombie fairy […]

We Try It!: Self-Publishing

About a month before I got my master’s degree, I was chatting with one of my professors about the topic I’d picked for my final research paper and joked that I’d had to narrow my scope pretty severely because I found out that my original topic was so broad that  “I could write a book […]

Book Review: Indie Publishing: How To Design and Produce Your Own Book, edited by Ellen Lupton

I’m one of those people who enjoy office supply stores, the sort who saves little scraps of paper and cards with interesting drawings/photos, and also the type to wish I had more crafty skillz than I actually do. I have a weakness for oddball notebooks, journals, and excellent pens. I write a lot–fiction, memoir, reviews […]

Seriously, Amazon?

It’s been two weeks, and there still hasn’t been an apology or an affirmation from Amazon that they will tighten their self-publishing guidelines so that guides on how molest children don’t slip through the cracks.