Self Magazine According to the Ladies of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We’re back for another week of ladymag recaps featuring our favorite women from the most dysfunctional fictional precinct on television. This week, let’s look at some self-improvement from the inside out with Self magazine and embrace the fact we will never quite sort it out. Time to guess what Gina, Amy, and Rosa would have […]


The Things We Do To Our Children: Shame and Sex

Q. I don’t know how to say it. It might be considered as not a problem, but I feel really ashamed when I think of it. I am 21 and still a virgin. I’ve had boyfriends and we were practicing petting sometimes, one of them gave me oral sex, but I’ve never had sex, as I think I […]


15 Easy Self Care Ideas

Most of us are taught that the way to succeed is too work lots of hours, exercise until we can’t move, and “rest when we die.” We’re taught to measure our success by how hard we work and how much we can acquire. This “no pain, no gain” culture can have many negative effects, including […]