Serious Business

Welcome Back, Poodles!

We had to move servers, again, because we are the Goldilocks of ladyblogs. This host is too small, that host has insufficient RAM, the other host thinks we get 4x the traffic we think we get, and charges by the view. 


What Your Server Really Thinks

Looking at my coworkers, I would say in the serving world, I’m still considered a baby. I have been working as a server for a little over a year now and I have dealt with a lot of different types of customers. There are guests you love having, who you can’t wait to have come […]

Public Service

The Rumors of our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

We’re back online and better than ever with a sleek, fast server running under our feet.   For those who don’t know the story, our former host suspended our account last night at 11:00PM because we got too many hits.   So we found a new host, and they’re so awesome they got us back up and […]