Sex On The Micro Side: Your Questions, Redux

One of the joys of writing a sex column is the amount of questions we get. Without continued questions, there is no column and no way to talk about experiences or problems we may or may not have experienced. In many ways, it’s a little bit like group therapy, and even though I’m on one […]

“How Can I Get Past My Past?”

Q: I’m feeling bad about my sexual history. I don’t have that many previous partners, but I have had a one-night stand and some other casual sex. My boyfriend has been with me and one other serious long-term partner. He hasn’t asked to know about my sexual history beyond us talking about if we’d both […]

Sexual Mythbusters, Vol. 1: “When you have one, you’ll know.”

Our impressions of what sex is or should be like come from many sources – the media, movies, porn, our friends and peers, our religious community if we have one, health classes if we had them, and so on. As you might expect, not everything we hear from all of these places is accurate or […]