It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

I first came out as bisexual in high school in a scary wasteland called Montana in 1999. Now, I wasn’t out to everybody, but enough people guessed I was queer of some sort I routinely got called the f word. I came out to more people as bisexual in high school than I did trans […]


How a Conservative Christian Twenty-Something Changed Her Mind on Sexual Orientation

When my dad came out in 2004, I had already come to the conclusion that there was nothing spiritually or morally wrong about being gay. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how I managed to come to that conclusion, because I wasn’t in an environment where that perspective was encouraged at all.


(Straight) Girls’ Night: Biphobia in Sex and the City

I wasn’t expecting to feel so vulnerable that night. The five of us were enjoying a “girls’ night”: on this occasion, a pajama-clad Sex and the City marathon. Though I find this show extremely problematic in terms of gender and racial representation–and especially in the equation of consumerism with feminist empowerment–I didn’t feel especially targeted until […]

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own: Raising a Feminist Son

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I would raise a feminist daughter, one who is able to see her own privilege as well as others’, one who knows she deserves to be taken seriously because she’s a human being with autonomy, one who values her brain and her body, one who will […]


How To Be An Ally When It’s Not Spirit Day

Hello, I’m Selena and I’m straight.   I know the world looks different to people who aren’t, and I can’t begin to understand.  I can listen, I can be aware of my own words and actions and I can try to be an ally.   It’s easy to be an ally today with a few clicks and […]