My One Advice to Parents: Don’t Read!

Facebook is annoying in many, many ways. Not only do you have to put up with the so-in-love friend, the bragging friend, the friend-of-questionable-political-leanings, and the football enthusiast, there is the onslaught of memes and ecards that makes me contemplate defriending everyone on a weekly basis. Who would have guessed that Buddha could make me […]


5 Books with PileofMonkeys

Tonight we’re sitting down with our beloved PoM to talk about the books she would give to the people in her life.


Letting the Food (and Drinks) Do the Talking for Vegan Politics

While in college, I was a big fan of more traditional outreach such as movie screenings and leafleting with pamphlets, but since leaving the college campus environment, I’ve been drawn to sharing veganism through other means. For the twenty-something set I hang with these days, my vegan friends and I have found different ways to […]