The Midweek News: At Least It’s Shark Week

The world is a terrible place. That’s why Shark Week exists. To remind us that there are awesome things out in the world. But let’s look at the not-so-awesome stuff first.

Reader Challenge

The Great Orgasm Challenge: Shark Week Edition

For those of you who are just tuning in recently, we challenged all Persephoneers to a 52-orgasms-in-2012 goal. For some readers, that’s a piece of cake. For others, it’ll take some real effort. Some of you are doing it in monogamous partnerships, some are flying solo, some are getting it on with and without other […]


In Praise of the Diva Cup

Ok, this isn’t completely unfettered praise because the Diva Cup or Keeper or whatever menstrual cup you prefer to use isn’t perfect.  But, I feel like I need to defend the Diva Cup ““ or at least discuss it honestly.  The poor thing is the hairy-armpitted, Birkenstock-clad, Patchouli-smelling hippie outcast of the feminine hygiene world.