Picture This: Camera Phones

Not every photo has to be perfectly lit, edited, and framed. Many great photos are simply funny, odd, and flawed. Photography is all about documenting life: the good, the bad, the strange. But many times we don’t have cameras with us when we come across something amazing. What should we do? Enter stage right: the […]


These Gloves Make My Fingers Smarter!

If you own a smart phone or you’ve tried using a touchscreen ATM with gloves on, you’ve probably noticed that, well, you can’t. Many touchscreens rely on your finger to complete a circuit to make it work. When you wear gloves, somehow, (magically), the screen knows it’s not your finger.

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AwesomePhone: I’m Using the 3G HotSpot RIGHT NOW

Last week, I told you that I had taken the title “Princess Two-Phones” for the next several weeks thanks to the generosity of Verizon Wireless. As I was explaining this fun turn of events to my mom this weekend, and telling about some of the Fascinate’s neat-o features, she asked a valid question — if […]