Why I Love Rap Music

I’m just your average looking white girl who refuses to listen to anything besides rap. It’s one of those things that in part, I kind of can’t explain”¦ like, why do I like the color orange? Why do I like broccoli but not Brussels sprouts? It’s just a certain taste that I’ve come to acquire. […]

Pop Culture

Commercials That Air During Maury

I’m (kind of) your typical home from college kid temporarily living back at my parents’ house. I don’t miss much about having to live under their roof and rules in the suburbs except for the free TV. Typical.


Real Talk: The Debt Ceiling Crisis

One only has to take a peek into recent conversations in Congress over our looming debt ceiling to realize how deep political factions run in America. The closed-door meetings between house Republicans and Democrats have been described as “tense” and “heel grinding,” both tactics clearly implemented by the leader of the Republican House Majority Eric […]

Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Michelle Matthews

Michele Matthews is someone to behold ““ describing herself as a “person who says unpopular things.” I first met Michelle at a conference on body image, wherein she stressed the idea that as we talk about fighting media images with consumer dollars, not everyone has those consumer dollars. She is currently a social work student […]