Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Michelle Matthews

Michele Matthews is someone to behold ““ describing herself as a “person who says unpopular things.” I first met Michelle at a conference on body image, wherein she stressed the idea that as we talk about fighting media images with consumer dollars, not everyone has those consumer dollars. She is currently a social work student […]

Op Ed Work

ACS is a Broken System

“Both ACS and the DA are doing everything possible to protect children’s lives … [W]e are very concerned that today’s indictments of social work staff may discourage excellent, idealistic individuals from taking jobs helping our society’s neediest and most vulnerable children.” This was a statement that ACS (New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services) released […]


Badass Ladies of History: Jane Addams

When our beloved editor suggested I write about a badass lady who reformed mental health, I jumped at the chance to write about Jane Addams.  When I have a job I’m a social worker, and we have Jane Addams to thank for what social work looks like today.  She’s to social work what Freud was […]