His Holiness and Us: How We Can All Be More Like The Dalai Lama

Before I saw the Dalai Lama speak at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend, I lacked concrete expectations. I have never read any of his books, I haven’t listened to any of his speeches or watched any videos. All I knew was that he was Buddhist, everyone calls him “His Holiness”, and he is […]


Graduation – it’s that time of year again

This past week, I had the great fortune to see some truly exceptional young men and women graduate from institutions of learning. I’m not big on ceremonies, but there’s just something so moving, such a sense of closure and optimism, that comes with graduations. Oddly enough, the events seemed tempered by some strange graduation speeches.

The Daily Goodie

Daily Goodie – 1/16

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Whether you have the day off or not, it’s nice to take a minute today to think of some of the amazing things Dr. King did to advance civil rights.  Today’s Daily Goodie is a clip from MLK speaking in Montgomery on March 25, 1965.  This isn’t a […]