Open Thread

Flashback Monday Night OT: Book Fairs

Last week, the iconic Scholastic Book Fair came to my daughter’s school. For a week, we hear about the “super secret diary” with a real key for $9.99, a special Barbie stick book for $9.99, and a Justin Beiber poster for only $3.75! 


Cheap Weekend Fun: Declutter and Cash In

Ah, it’s Friday! It’s been a weird week of extreme good and extreme not-good in my world this week. Anyway, onto the weekend. At the beginning of Lent, I embarked on a 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, where my goal has been to get rid of at least one bag each day during Lent. […]

We try it!

We Try It: Sally Hansen Nail Pen

You know what I like? Manicures. You know what I can’t justify spending money on in This Economy? Also manicures.  Well, I can’t justify getting them as often as I would like, anyway.  Enter the Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Pen. 

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: 2/18/11

I am a catalog junkie.  It’s like shopping without having to worry about spending money.  (As much as I love catalogs, I hate buying things I can’t touch first.)  A fresh, unopened catalog is like a wonderland of possibilities, you never know what you might find inside.  I blame it on the Sears Wish Books […]


Paying the Bill$: Pre-Holiday Gifts to Yourself

I’ll be honest with you, readers, blogging is not a cheap hobby.  We gotta eat, but we don’t want to be obnoxious.  During the upcoming holiday season, we’ll be running posts with gift ideas from our affiliate marketing connections.  We hand screen these companies for unique stuff we think you might actually like and stuff […]