LadyGhosts of TV Past

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Ep. 8

Mac! This is the episode where we are introduced to Mac! After Weevil, I think Mac is my favorite Veronica Mars lackey friend. Mac is brought onto the scene because of her computer hacking skills.  Why does Veronica need a computer hacker? Because there is a “Purity Test” going around the school that all the […]

Pop Culture

Top 7 Movie Therapists

As much as TV shows love to put their characters in therapy, so do movies.   A lot of movies really like to focus on the mental illness and the therapy is only a small part of it.  Here are a few good movies where the therapist has a more prominent role. One Flew Over The […]

Just for Fun

Best of 2010 – Jezebel Shitstorms (Part 2)

Here it is! Your top 5 LadyBlog shitstorms of 2010.  Did your favorite scandal and commenting brouhaha make the list?  I will give you a spoiler alert right now, there were so many good ones to choose from that I didn’t even have to use the great Gawker hack, since it wasn’t site specific.  That’s […]


Hangover Cinema

Every once in a while (perhaps more often in college) you push it too far with the drinks one night and end up hungover. Everyone has their tricks for combating the morning after, and the second most common component (behind tons of water) has to be watching the perfect movie.