Friday News Bites: Money For Nothing

As of Wednesday evening, the U.S. government shutdown ended and almost nothing was accomplished. This sigh-worthy story and more, after the jump.

New Show Recap

New Show Recap: Girls, Episode 1.4, “Hannah’s Diary”

Hello, friends. Selena here, filling in for MJ. Much like MJ, I am a Lady of a Certain Age, but I can find a lot to like about this show. So let’s all pop a Werther’s and settle in under our afghans while we commiserate with Hannah and her sisters.

Open Thread

Morning Open Thread, Now With Trivia Answers!

Good morning Persephoneers!  (Or good afternoon or good night depending on your time zone.)  We have a day chock full of goodness, just for you.  For now, please enjoy the early open thread after the answers to last night’s trivia and a little goodie from me to you. 1.  Who are the little blue men […]