Mental Illness

Accepting the Unacceptable

When I was first told that I might have bipolar disorder, the best way I can describe the resulting events is the Kübler-Ross model, more commonly referred to as the “Five Stages of Grief,” denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.


Persephoneconomics: A Region by Any Other Name

I’ve not been writing for Persephone for the last couple of weeks due to the personal (and economic!) trauma of my much-loved, five year old laptop going to the big Starbucks armchair in the sky. The stages of grief for losing one’s computer are a whole other post entirely, maybe even a screenplay. However, there […]


When Your Pet Hates You: Six Stages of Grief

I’m quite familiar with this process, being a nearly-lifelong rabbit owner, so I thought I’d help guide you all through the stages of pet-rejection grief, should you ever encounter it. I’m working from my experience with rabbits, here, but you can insert any aloof pet: other small animals, many cats, and the occasional dog.