Oprah Make-overs: Getting Your Cat’s Claws in the Hottest Feline Trends

You’re a fashion-forward maven in a work-a-day world: you’ve got it all and the mile-high¬†stilettos¬†to boot. Between jetting between your fabulous home and your glitzy job, taking care of yourself, and eating Cheetos by the bagful gourmet food, you’ve got it all covered. Or do you? Tell me: how fashionable is your cat?

Generation XX

On Being Gen X by Nathalie

I spent my childhood voraciously testing out various paths to Passion. In my teens I discovered photography. All the way to art school, I raced through life with a camera surgically attached to my face. I reveled in the idea of living behind the camera instead of in front, the jaded recovery of an only-child. […]