The Longest 30 Minutes of Your Life

What happens when you’re stuck on a subway car.


Friday News Bites: Philip Seymour Hoffman Tributes, #SochiProblems + More

Friends, with the wind chill, it is currently -40° where I live, as I type this. Notice I didn’t put F or C next to that temperature. It’s so cold that Fahrenheit and Celsius have met on a spot so low on the thermometer, it’s ridic that it even exists.


How to Ride the Subway

By now you’ve probably noticed that it’s summer.  It’s a time for unbearable heat, cold and frosty treats, and traveling.  It’s entirely possible that one of your travel destinations this summer is New York City; it is, after all, one of the most popular cities in the world to visit, and attracts 47 million tourists […]

Op Ed

Another Take on the Native/Tourist Dynamic

I am an NYC-dweller who has the outside perspective of one who has spent half her life in another place (Virginia, to be exact). I was heading home on the subway yesterday after a not-fun day at work, and I was in a terrible mood due to something blog-related, so my fuse was shorter than […]