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Friday News Bites: #BlackLivesMatter, Obituaries, SPACE! + More

Happy New Year, unicorns! I hope you aren’t too hungover for some news today. I took last week off because of Christmas, and who needs grim news on Christmas? Certainly not me; I’ve had enough of that in the past. That said, I’ve also got some non-grim stories to take along with your Alka-Seltzer. Let’s […]


Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: JewelCourt edition

It is time to reveal my P-Mag birthday gift to the world! JewelCourt won my give away and was kind enough to give me an awesome birthday playlist. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well our tastes aligned.


Why Do We Test Things We Already Know?

When the results of new scientific or sociological studies are published, a common response is, “Why in the world did we waste money to study that?” Sometimes it’s because the topic seems so obscure as to have no obvious merit, though within its field it may give invaluable insight or could cast light on other problems […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: What’s a PMS?

We’ve reached the time in the week when we ask you to do a little truth or dare.


Pancakes for Everybody

Breakfast can break the fast any time of day. By thinking this way, you can eat waffles on a Wednesday night or have bacon for lunch on Monday. In other words: there are many personal benefits from breaking breakfast free from morningtimes.