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Hello fellow unicorns. I hope the weekend was good for you. In my hometown, the high is still 90° F, but there is a cold front expected so it should bring the temperature down to 80°! Break out the scarves and the apple cider!

News in Europe

The first Swedish suicide bomber?

On Saturday, 11th December 2010, a man died in an explosion in the city centre of Stockholm. The authorities have not confirmed anything yet, but it is very likely that this was Sweden’s first suicide attack.

Op Ed

Everyone on the Internet is Racist

This post’s title and topic were inspired by my husband, who frequently comments about how seemingly everyone on the internet is a big, flaming racist. “Everyone,” in this case, will have to stand in for Americans, as he frequents mostly American websites and news sources. In his experience (and mine), American internet commenters tend to […]