Life Without Summer Vacation

In general, I have been pleased with my post-college life. I was able to find a job that actually utilizes my degree; I’m still at living at home, which keeps living costs down; and school writing assignments have disappeared from my life, leaving more room to work on writing projects of my own. There is […]


Twelve Days in China Part 1: Beijing, X’ian and General Shenanigans

One of the biggest benefits of teaching in Asia is the opportunity to travel to places most Americans don’t ever get the chance to see. The big place on my bucket list was China. I knew that I may never get another opportunity to go, so I decided to grab the chance while I still […]

Open Thread

Monday Night Flashback OT: Car Trips

Good evening, Persephoneers! I hope that your weekend was lovely and your Monday is off to a good start. My family declared this past weekend a three-day weekend, so my work week officially starts tomorrow.

Education in America

Summer Can’t Last Forever: Getting Kids Ready for School

Taking a break from the statistics and stompy outrage about the war on teachers this week to talk about getting kids ready to go back to school.  I know, I know, it’s still July, most of you probably won’t be sending your tots off to class for another month, at least.  Don’t worry, we’re not […]

We try it!

We Try It: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A year ago, Universal usurped some of Disney World’s claim at the Most Magical Place on Earth when they opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at their Orlando, Fla., Islands of Adventure Park. Despite being a huge Harry Potter geek and living less than two hours away, it took me a year to make […]


Looking Forward to Summer Fun

Here in the Midwest, most schools start in the middle of August. There’s always moaning and groaning as school buses have to drive students by the state fair that isn’t quite over yet, but there is one advantage. School is usually over by the end of May. This year, my daughter is done with school […]