Sunscreen Math: Is SPF 30 Twice as Good as SPF 15?

Summer is coming, and if you’re as pasty as I am you may have already gotten your first hint of sunburn this year (since after all, the days are just as long now as in mid-August, though it likely doesn’t feel anywhere near as hot yet). It’s time to go stock up on sunscreen, but […]

We try it!

We Try It!: Paula’s Choice Weightless Finish Sunscreen Spray in SPF 30

After reading about Paula’s Choice Ultra-Light Weightless Finish Sunscreen Spray in SPF 30 on the Tumblr blog Cheap as F, I decided to try it for myself to see whether or not it was really a good buy.


One Last Sunburn

I’ve been a sun worshipping beach baby for as long as I can remember. I’ve slathered on baby oil and tanning lotion on beaches up and down the West Coast, from Seattle to Newport Beach, and at lakesides from tiny, little Fern Ridge in Oregon to the Great Lakes. And I’ve been sunburned. Oh, how […]