What Are We Selling Here?: Super Bowl Sunday, Masculinity, and Commercials That Make You Go, “What?”

Super Bowl Sunday is the most watched televised event in the United States, with over 111 million people tuning in each year. It’s considered a de facto national holiday and, after Thanksgiving, is the second largest day of food consumption. The Super Bowl gets people excited. The Super Bowl is good fun. But the Super […]

Pop Culture

Super Bowl Commercials 2011: The Wrath of Ailanthus-altissima

So who watched some football last night? Well, OK, who watched an hour long game of football punctuated by 27 commercial breaks from kick-off to final down? I did! And if you didn’t but you still want to know what happened during the ads, stay here: I’ve got the Best and Worst 3 ads of […]